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Air Compressor

Application: Air compressor
Typical Product: WD Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Air compressor is a device that converts power into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing air. Air compressor works in a harsh condition, and has strict requirements on noise and power consumption.

WD Solution:
By working closely with manufacturers, WD has developed solutions for air compressors. WD precision cylindrical roller bearings are particularly suitable for air compressors which endure heavy load and rotate at high speed. With advanced manufacturing facilities, the bearing noise is controlled under 65dB. WD solutions enable customers to produce better performing, energy efficient compressors as well as save the cost.
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Carrier Roller

Application: Carrier RollerTypical Products: WD Deep Groove Ball BearingsCarrier rollers can be widely found in power plant, coal mine and many other industries. As the most important part of belt conveyors, it supports the conveyor belt and carri…
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Combine Harvester

Application: Combine HarvesterTypical Product: WD Agriculture BearingsCombine harvester is a machine that harvests grain crops. It combines three separate operations including comprising harvesting, reaping, threshing and winnowing. The combine har…
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Application: ConveyorTypical Product: WD Deep Groove Ball BearingConveyors can be commonly found in mining and material sorting operations. They are usually exposed to dirty, dusty and wet operating conditions that challenge the reliability. Heavy co…
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Dental Drill

Application: Dental DrillTypical Product: WD Miniature Ball BearingsDental drill is a small, high speed drill used to remove decay and shape tooth structure or root canals. The bearing is a key part for dental drills. Modern dental drills can rotat…
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Dyeing Machine

Application: Dyeing MachineTypical Product: WD Stainless Steel BearingDyeing machine is used to add color to textile products like fibers and fabrics. The dyeing machine works in the environment of high temperature and damp, which makes the bearing…
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Electric Motor

Application: Electric MotorsTypical Product: WD EMQ BearingsElectric motors are used as the source of motive power in all kinds of industries. Nowadays, customers have increasing needs for electric motors with low energy consumption. There is also a …
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Application: ElevatorTypical Product: WD Spherical Roller BearingsAn elevator is a type of vertically transport equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors. The bearings used in elevators rotate forward and reverse frequent…
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Application: Semiconductor – EncoderTypical product: WD Miniature Ball BearingsThe integration density of semiconductor products continues to increase. Smaller size and higher efficiency are always the development trend in this sector. Thes…
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