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Combined Bearings’ Application in Tunnel Boring Machines

Tunnel boring machine, TBM for short, is a special and totally enclosed construction machine for tunneling. During tunnel construction, it’s very important to keep from dangers. The most dangerous part is collapse or uplifting of excavation face. Therefore, during working, it’s one of key factors to keep steady earth pressure. In other words, very high reliability are needed for screw conveyors and mucking room.

Combined Bearings from WD Bearing Group, can successfully solve the problems under the working condition:
1. After carbonization heat treatment, bearing surface is covered by an indurative carbon layer while the center part is highly flexible. The construction makes the bearing can take heavy wallop.
2. Design and machining is optimized in the profile of the rolling surface. Contact stress is covering the surface more even and it’s highly improved the ability of anti-peeling from fatigue.
3. It can take heavy loads from both radial and axial directions, with the saving mounting spaces.
4. Good sealing performance is added. Under bad working condition, it can avoid invalidation because of water’s and feculence’s entry to internal part.
5. Most of the parts have been already assembled in advance. It’s more convenient to assemble it to the equipment. The assembling risk and shutdown time is shortened very much.

JUMBO Combined Bearings WD090 and WD089 from WD Bearing Group had passed the professional performance tests of tunnel boring machines, experimenting by several domestic metro companies. The products are widely used in TBM from NHI, Shenyang Heavy Industry, China Railway Track Systems Group and other related companies. The performance of bearings is well proved in the 2 nd line of Shenzhen Metro (made by 13 bureau of CRCC) and the 2 nd line of Wuhan metro (made by 11 bureau of CRCC). During the projects, our bearings show their own advantages of long life, low maintenance cost and high economical benefits.


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