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WD Ball & Roller Bearings

Jiangyin JIB-WD Precision Co. Ltd.

Jiangyin JIB-WD Precision co., ltd. can provide rings for spherical ball bearings produced by Korean automatic production line, precision lathe rings for cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, self-aligning bearings, Spherical plain bearings and etc., spacers, sleeves and other automotive components,high precision adapter sleeves and eccentric rings.

WD Ball & Roller Bearings

AWD Bearing Corporation

AWD Bearing Corporation can provide High quality bearings for Material Handling System, Full range of Combined Bearings,Mast Rollers and Chain Pulleys for 1-45T forklift, Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rolling Mill Bearings, Special & precision ball bearings .

WD Ball & Roller Bearings

Xinchang JIB-WD Precision Corporation

Xinchang JIB-WD Precision Corporation can provide our customers Lathe rings for 2nd, 3rd generation automotive wheel hub bearing,Bearing housing, Die casting & CNC machining parts.